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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Independence Day 2012

We spent Independence Day with friends and family in quite our usual fashion. We started the day off with the parade in Carlisle, then headed home to have lunch with our neighbors, which was wonderful and must happen more often. Later my mom came over, and after her the Reids. We ate, talked, stayed out of the heat (though the kids played in the pool with Grandma awhile), and later watched fireworks a bit from the deck. We had watched the Prairie Meadows show with our dear friends the Bradys the night before. Speaking of which, feel free to send that carmel corn recipe my way, Heather. I am drooling just thinking about it...

This is one of Hartford Fire Department's trucks. It died, and a slew of the strapping gentlemen along the parade route helped redirect it off the parade route. I think it is funny this happened right next to the firetruck entrance sign.
The Old Dudley Band. They never seem to age.
Lovely G wasn't actually eating this candy, but she wanted very badly to be out there picking pieces up with the big kids because she, too, is a big kid.
For the movie room wall
Lawnmower races, Carlisle's biggest thing going right now
Nap time
That lovely brunette is my niece, Sami
Every year I think I'm going to remember my patriotic place mats, and I forget, but not this year! 
The kids made these luminaries using a post from craftsbyamanda.com
Miss Gen, the watermelon fiend
Sarah took this shot. It was too amusing. Obviously, there was a lull in the excitement.
My cheesecake

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