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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Riding Lessons

For the past year, Pony Gal has taken riding lessons at a local stable. There was a hiatus for winter, but she's been back in the saddle as of late. She loves it. The rest of us walk around, lounge around, chit chat, and such, while she rides each week.
There are barn kitties around all the time at the stables
Superboy loves them, especially since we don't keep any around our place anymore
I think they tend to be as much a draw for the kids as the horses are :)
Kitty, meet Doggy
Pony Gal's lesson falls about the time Lovely G usually takes a nap, so we are often hanging around in the Whiskey Wagon until she wakes up
I love that each lesson starts with proper grooming. Pony Gal also got this instruction when we had a couple lessons at Ebersole Cattle Co. If only Mrs. Shanen weren't so far away...
Kittens and Cousins

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