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Saturday, July 28, 2012

EPH Coop-Frogs and Toads

This cooperative has just started, and I am excited to be heading it up with a dear friend. We hope to focus on skills that seem lost on a lot of today's families-homemaking and homesteading. This first class was a bit of a trial run. It went well, from what I could see when I was in there, as Superboy got bored so we headed into the children's room-a serious plus in having a meeting at a library. The Brady crew taught us the differences between frogs and toads, how to identify some common ones in Iowa, and also brought in some personal specimens to check out. The other half of the class, held the next week, we were not able to attend due to illness, but involved meeting at a pond and catching toads and frogs. I look forward to see what other offerings we'll have once things are up and running for the school year.

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