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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at Home

Pretty Pony Gal waiting for Grandma to arrive so she can start

Superboy :)

These ocean animal pillows were by far their favorite things. They have taken them everywhere. So simple, yet so loved.
Superboy wanted a grey squirrel. I crocheted him one, and the crocheting looks great, but  I do not do any sort of embroidery work, so just trying to a face on the little bugger proved aggravating. You can see it is a bit odd, but he loved it, anyway. He needed a squirrel for his collection of Wild Kratt's inspired animals.
Superboy picked this sweater out at the thrift store for Pony Gal and she loved it.
Around Halloween, Superboy had asked for a cheetah costume. We don't do Halloween, but I do let the kids play with costumes all year round. I thought with it being near Halloween I could find him something, but all I found was a super cheap tiger get up. He went with it, but still wanted something cheetah (he loves cheetahs), so at JoAnn's Black Friday sale, the animals print stuff was marked down. I took the tiger mask and used it to make cheetah masks for both the kids. They are heads and "tails" (hee hee) better than the tiger ones.

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