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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week's Shopping List

We have recently shifted our grocery buying habits a bit in order to get back to building our food storage, but still maintain some budget. I am finding this especially true when I think of loading three kids up to go get groceries in the middle of a snowstorm in Iowa. I would rather just be prepared. Last week was our first week and I really rather enjoyed scouring ads, putting all the info into my steadily growing database of ounce by ounce comparisons of prices between various stores and buying clubs and keeping track of what went on sale when so we can buy on a sale routine and save money plus stock up rather than pay full price to purchase items we use regularly all the time. I stink at couponing, but I enjoy research and comparisons, so this works well for me. We still try to buy locally when we can-we are active members of the Iowa Food Co-op, but if something is on sale, I never know when we may have an emergency and can't pass up necessities at low prices. That being said, this is what we're stocking up on this week (all these are from our local stores and may vary slightly from yours):

From Hy-Vee:
Hy-Vee brand bag cereal is $1/bag (Dad appreciates having cereal handy for breakfast even though we try to eat something more substantial in the morning)
Hy-Vee brand apple juice in the 64 oz size is 99 cents a bottle
Peaches and Nectarines are still 99 cents a pound
Butter Kernel canned veggies are 59 cents a can
Chicken drumsticks and thighs are 99 cents a pound (we won't be buying these as the freezer is full, but if it weren't, they'd go in)
Whole white mushrooms $1.00 pkg (will cook these up once we're home to freeze in supper size portions for meals)
Boneless Iowa Chops are $1 each

From Fareway:
Fareway diced tomatoes 2/98 cents (we use A LOT of tomatoes and there is no canning going on this year with house renovations)
Fareway tomato juice 98 cents
Grapes 99 cents/#
Fareway white bread (for Dad-we do not eat white bread) 98 cents
Quaker oatmeal 5/$10 (just a partial cent more than what we buy it for at Costco, but in smaller containers, which I appreciate for ease of use and freshness)
Fareway shredded cheese 4/$4 (normally I try to shred our cheese myself, but this price is great and shredded cheese freezes very well, so this can go in the freezer for emergencies)
Lettuce 77 cents a head
Bartlett Pears 88 cents #
Winter squash 68 cents #
John Morrell Hot dogs 79 cents a pkg

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