Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pregnancy Milestone

We've made it past the perilous and stressful point in the pregnancy where Pony Gal made her entrance-I am honestly nervous, nervous, nervous until we get past that point each time around. I know God will take care of me no matter what happens, but it was such a traumatic ordeal, and to have it happen in my first pregnancy, that I can't imagine living the same thing again, though we both made it through fine. Superboy's pregnancy was far less bumpy-and could have been even less so with the right care. So, here we are with 5-8+ weeks left, definitely in the throes of late pregnancy. We are currently getting last minute preparations underway and though I am *supposed* to be taking it easy, I find it difficult, and managed to sneak into Menards a few days ago to get paint for our bathroom. I just can't leave things undone. Can't. So, hopefully I can get it painted in the next week, though I anticipate it will take me a couple days rather than the usual one since there is a lot to paint around and I intend to take lots of breaks. I also have gotten into the final stages of Superboy's quilt and should have it done by early next week, meaning if I get a chance to get some fabric, which I need to do anyway for the baby room/spare bedroom curtains, I can get ours done and get Pony Gal's started, which means pretty new beds for everyone. Sometime next year I'd like to make an extra quilt for the top bunk of Superboy's bed, as well, so there are nice blankets and not cheap store comforters, topping them. It is hard to believe we are so close to meeting our new blessing and yet those weeks seem so big. I have honestly started counting days from week to week because my anticipation has grown so. I am trying to figure out what my Christmas crafting plans are, as well, as I should get started on some of that if I want to not be stressed in the midst of new baby-dom. The plans involved with bringing new life into the world and our home sometimes do not make sense to others, but they really are all connected in my head. We've got a nice, growing stash of meals in the freezer as I have been consistently making double and sometimes triple of the main part of the meal in order to have easy food available when I am too tired to take care of things myself. It is all just checking off lists now-once I hit that "full-term" point I'll be able to breathe easier and start whatever is necessary to get this kid here as soon as possible.

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