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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Week's Shopping List Sept 13, 2011

This is what is on our list this week. Fareway promises new sales on Friday and Saturday that are not listed in the ad already out. We plan on heading to Hy-Vee for their one day sale Friday early, so we'll hit up Fareway then, too, to see what they added.

64 oz Hy Vee brand OJ 99 cents (Fri only). They had this on sale a couple weeks ago, too. They are limiting 2 per customer this week, but we've only gone through 2, so this works out well.
Dole coleslaw mix 69 cents a bag, limit 2, Fri only. We don't actually eat that much coleslaw, so this may seem silly but these work great for egg rolls, so I will also purchase some wrappers and either make enough for freezer meal later this month, or just enough for the freezer one the baby comes.
Hy Vee mac and cheese 59 cents a box, Fri only, no limit. I never, never buy boxed mac and cheese, but we are back to trying to build up our emergency food storage and let's face it, there is little that is more shelf-stable and kid friendly in a crisis than mac and cheese.
Hy-Vee thin sliced deli ham $1.99# Fri only, no limit. Lunch meat freezes beautifully and this price is crazy awesome.
Hy-Vee yogurt 29 cents a cup through the 20th. Protein being so important right now, yogurt is high on our buying list here lately. Yogurt also freezes beautifully. I LOVE my freezer :)
Though we do not need any, if you need chicken both breast and hind quarters are super prices right now, so I would stock up on them if we weren't already full of chicken.
Hy Vee tomato sauce 3 for a $1 until the 20th, no limit.
Hunt's pasta sauce 88cents a can, until the 20th, no limit.
Midwest Country Fare frozen veggies 88 cents a bag, until the 20th, no limit.
Whole Boneless Pork Loins, $1.99# limit 2, Fri only. Perfect for big meals with family.

Apples $2.99 per 3# bag
Hunt's ketchup (Hunt's is HFCS free) 99 cents per 24 oz bottle
Carrots $1.29/2#
Tostitos tortilla chips $1.99/13 oz bag

Plus we'll pick up milk and bread for the week, although I am hopeful we may have found a decent brand of sprouted bread at Campbell's ( as in, not dry and icky tasting), so we may be shifting to purchasing that on art class days while we're in town.


  1. You may want to check Fareways 2 day sale - they have ribs for real cheap... 1.79 a pound and the add seemed to indicate that was at the meat counter... also Campbells Tomato and Chicken Noodle soup - 38 cents a can (limit 4)and Zesta Crakers 98 cents a box (limit 2)... here's a link, http://www.fareway.com/2-day-sale.cfm - it doesn't show the ribs, but I took a picture of the add on my phone, so you can trust me on that one... plus they have pork loin at $1.99 for the week - not just Friday

  2. My ads are for the Knoxville/Pella area, so they do tend to be slightly different. There have been a few times I have gone to town for the item I saw in the ad and it wasn't on sale Des Moines. I will check the mail today for the two-day sale ad for Fareway. The loins there in my were $2.29# so either they caught on to Hy-Vee's price (which happens a lot and is so very handy when one has a limit) or it just isn't something being offered in the Marion Co. are. I'll check it out-thanks!

  3. Wow, I just looked at the Knoxville add and it is quite different... you should check out the Des Moines add online...


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