Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What An Odd Year

I know, the year isn't over yet, but my goodness, this year, so far, has been anything but routine. We started out by finding we were expecting. That was odd, as I usually cannot get a home test to tell me anything but know, even when I know I am, until I am 2 months or more along. We knew at 4 weeks this time.
Then the home renos started. It was just going to be new floors in a couple rooms, moved to most of the first floor, moved to added things being done since so many things were moved anyway, taking far longer than planned, and meaning I missed out on time spent enjoying one of my favorite times of year because we were living in the basement, one of my least favorite places to be. We are still working on things-I mean the guy coming to fix some of the work that was done so very improperly it can't be lived with (read: doors that were replaced because they were leaking and we were afraid they'd ruin the hardwood, LEAK. Argh.) is starting today and will most likely be here at least a week.
The money that I insist we rarely tap into has flowed out of that account far too readily.
We reconciled with family we had been parted from for years, and rather happily so. I think it is easy to forget how much we care and miss someone until they are gone and return. That has added a new dimension of making time for them again, too, which hadn't happened for quite some time.
We took a vacation states away. The furthest we had ever taken the kids was to Minnesota. We loved the adventure and are already trying to figure out how to work in a doozy like this one was ever few years.
After said vacation we did what I swore we'd never do (though it was partly my idea), and sold the camper to buy a new tent. That being said we aren't buying any tent, we are buying one bada$$ tent that can make it through near anything according to reviews. Like, we could live in it. Nice.
This pregnancy has been completely different from the other two. This kid was active far earlier. I actually love my care practitioner. Everything is going very well. We still do not have a name. I am actually hoping this pregnancy continues to go very differently.
Our schooling routine has changed as we have found that Pony Gal does better with more structure. We are using programs and books, and though most of what she picks up is from just being an inquisitive little girl, the basics are now being worked on for 30 minutes or so a day, and it is already going rather well. No longer what we consider unschoolers, I think rather we are relaxed eclectic homeschoolers.
Plans of making the farm highly productive are turning around, especially with my pregnancy, and aiming more and more as just a hobby with potential, as parenting, schooling and my marriage take the forefront, as they should. Priorities.
I have not canned or frozen one thing this year. Not one. Between being tired with the pregnancy and in the basement and working on the house upstairs, it just hasn't worked. I am starting to put meals in the freezer for when the baby comes, but most of the produce we are getting we are eating or giving away. Just not enough hours in the day.
The weather-wet at one part of the season and hot, hot, hot later made most of our summer spent indoors. Totally not the norm here, but necessary on most fronts. Now things are nicer, my allergies are starting to kick in, which is normal, and usually the time I "move" indoors. So little time spent outside has me all out of whack.
I am already starting to feel that end of the pregnancy lack of comfort, with 10 and 1/2 weeks yet to go, which means I am already slowing down and doing less of what I need to be doing because carrying things and bending over just leave me feeling yucky.
I know there is more, but it just seems this year keeps doing things backwards for me. I am curious to see what the rest entails. In the meantime, we keep focusing on family and getting the house in order so that once Number Three shows up, I can be ready to relax, something I find very, very difficult to do.

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