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Monday, August 15, 2011

Naming a Baby

It is incredible the stress a baby name can cause. This little bugger still remains without any viable name options, and though everyone likes to insist that we have plenty of time, the planner in me is terribly upset about it. Pony Gal was two months premature, and that being the case, I really like to be ready for everything at that point. Clothes that will fit this wee one are already in the closet (with intention to remove the clothes for whatever gender we do not end up having since we are waiting to find out). Birth plans and calling lists are all out and ready. My birth bag will get filled in the next couple weeks. I don't like being caught unaware, like I was with my first pregnancy. So, all of that said, we have no runners in the name race. We know that we are pulling at least one name from Dad's family tree. We tried to find two, but, ahem, it was quite nearly impossible to find something suitable for our tastes. That leaves slots to fill, slots that Dad is being rather difficult with. He is not wanting to follow suit with the flexibility in the fact that we should both get equal say in this process. He insists that I am taking more than he has gotten in  the past, but this is not so, really, at all. So, the process continues. I have warned that if he hasn't come up with something rather stunning by go time, I will trump the process-I think that's only fair for doing all the work ;) I continue to search for something suitable-I feel like there are rather big boots to fill after doing such great work on the first two-wink, wink.We'll see. It is a rather large responsibility, to be sure. Even though a person can technically change their name when they're older, I think what you are called affects a lot of your childhood. It is important to me that the name fits. I know a lot of folks like to wait until the baby shows up for fear it won't fit, but such a close bond is created having a life form in your womb, that I don't know how you couldn't already know a bit about who is going to emerge before they emerge. We'll see, I suppose. In the meantime, after a super-huge baby name book and re-creating all of Dad's family history, there are still no real winners. Time to dig in other places, I suppose.

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  1. I think we have our names picked out, but there are a few pregnant people who will deliver before me. I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one else has great taste ;)


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