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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Utah Vacation, Day 1

We try to take some sort of family vacation each year. We do some weekend camping, but Dad gets a couple weeks off a year, so generally we use one or both to go somewhere. With so much family and house stuff the last few years, our consistency has been spotty, and we haven't gone far. We decided to join our dear friends on their biannual trek to Utah this year. We had fun, but like usual, ended up getting a little homesick before the time we had planned to stay was up, and headed home a little early. There were a few factors at play; a major one being my difficulty with being away from home for so long and another being that we just didn't feel like we were jiving well with the locals. It was nice to be able to spend time with our friends, though, and the kids and I had never seen the mountains or been that far West (I always seem to be heading South for some reason). It did concrete the fact that we want that yearly vacation, but like the way our friends do it with a fairly local vacation one year and one further away the next.

We opted to drive through the night to make good time plus take advantage of the kids sleeping and the roads being fairly clear of traffic. It also makes Nebraska easier to endure, lol. We took off supper-time Thursday night and had made it to the Heber Valley, where we'd be camping, by 11 the next morning.

The kids did great in the truck. We had purchased a few small, but new toys and some new movies to keep them happy while we were driving. 

All the campgrounds in the area were full, so we ended up staying in a hotel for two nights, which the kids enjoyed as they got to swim. We went to eat at the Good Thymes Bistro in Park City the first night for supper. It was okay, but not great, especially in comparison to some of the other fantastic meals we had while we were there. We did notice fairly quickly that everything is just a bit pricier in that area, which we adjusted to easily enough. We were pretty zonked that first day, so between naps, a meal and a swim, we really didn't do a whole lot.

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