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Monday, July 25, 2011

Utah Vacation, Day 2

Saturday we decided to do some sight seeing-touristy sort of stuff, most of which meant we'd be spending time in the Salt Lake City area.

 We wanted to make sure to make a trek to the Bonneville Salt Flats and Speedway. They are really well known in the auto world for their use in setting world records for speed because of how large and flat the area is. They are a main feature in one of our favorite movies, The World's Fastest Indian. Dad did get the truck up into the mid 80's but until you are going really, really fast, they aren't all that smooth.

Seven different types of mole sauce, one of my favorite Mexican foods. I had a side of the poblano sauce with my meal. It was hard to choose, but I was super happy I had read in tip when I had checked in on foursquare that they had little sampler plates for free so you can try them all and decide. Yummy!

 Chicken flautas...Superboy really enjoyed these.
 Beef enchiladas
 Shrimp quesadilla, which Pony Gal picked and ate all of the shrimp out of and left the rest.
 A poblano combo platter. I couldn't make up my mind. No, I didn't come anywhere near eating all of it. I just wanted to try a lot of different things.
 Some of the best fried ice cream, ever.

 We had dinner with the Reids that night at Full House Asian. It was okay, but nothing special.

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