Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day, 2011

We spent the July Fourth weekend mostly at home this year. After being in the basement for so long, we have really been relishing our time at home upstairs. The Reids joined us overnight Saturday, trying out their new tent in the backyard, Sunday we did a little work on the house, getting Pony Gal's bed put back in her room and the air vents around the house replaced. Monday we attended the parade in my hometown, came home to make curtains for the master bedroom so the nightlight wouldn't be shining on the bed in its new home and then went back to town to hang out with my bil and sil and watch fireworks in their yard. It was a fairly laid back weekend, with lots of time to reflect on the liberty that we hold dear and the sacrifices made by those who came before and those who still serve that make it possible.

I am not a big fan of sparklers due to the massive amount of heat they put off, so we went pretty low key with our at home celebration and just purchased a few boxes of the snakes. That was enough for the kids, as we did watch some larger scale fireworks shows throughout the weekend.

We got Pony Gal's bed back from her grandma's house and reassembled in her room. Gram had been borrowing it while we needed to store it to help her rehab after a broken pelvis. She was done for it and we were ready for it, so it worked out pretty well, and Pony Gal is happy to have her room coming back together.
 The Independence Day parade in Carlisle

(I should also note, that as I am loading these, I can see that my camera and lens are in desperate need of cleaning. I haven't been able to load pictures while we were downstairs, so now that I can see them on the computer screen, YEESH!)

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