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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Update- 5 1/2 months!

We had an ultrasound yesterday...with having previous c-sections, it is important to get one as they can cause things to grow a little wonky the next time around. Baby is growing beautifully, measuring perfectly and overly active. Currently, Baby is footling breech. This is something I had already suspected as the most activity I feel is the disco that is happening on top of my bladder most of the day, rather than a lot of movement at the top of my uterus. No real worries, there, though, as it is still early and their position isn't going to affect much at this point. We did not find out what we were having during the ultrasound, but looked away when those areas might be revealed. Guess you'll all have to wait to hear who ends up emerging in just 4 1/2 months. I must say that this pregnancy has progressed faster and more comfortably than my previous two. I go to appointments and can hardly believe the numbers when we talk about weeks and such. The kids are really excited and loved seeing a picture of our newest family addition.

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