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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Peninsula upgrade

We intend to replace the countertops in the kitchen next year. In the meantime, a serious eyesore has been the ugly fake wood paneling that is on the outside of the bar. We decided to do an aged painted wainscoting over what wad there, which will both look one hundred percent nicer and reinforce what we found when we thought we'd take off the ugly paneling-terribly thin cupboard backs that barely hold up the shelving within. Here are the pictures of the work so far. I will be putting an aged finish on later once we renew the dining room wall color.


  1. it looks gorgeous Abby!! did you build it one 'stripe' at a time?

  2. It went together one strip at a time, tung and groove. Now I have to figure out what this finish Andrew wants will entail. We watched something done on HGTV thaf we both liked and think I can do. It means I am adding repainting the kitchen to the growing list of paint projects, though :)


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