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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Superboy-the Last Airbender

Superboy is obsessed with, and convinced that he is the last airbender. He has borrowed DVDs of the Nickolodeon show from the library the last couple times we've visited and he loves it.
Last night we were headed to bed after watching the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I asked him what planet he was from. He proceeded to tell me "Planet Airbender." Dad and I laughed a little, he went on to say he had to go outside on Planet Airbender and shoot the fire benders (with air). They are the bad guys on his show and his planet. It was pretty cute. It has served handy to catch his attention when he starts to get upset when we're out. We were headed out the door of a local coffeehouse today and he was upset to leave. I mentioned that we probably needed to get home to check on the house; make sure there were no fire benders around. That was enough for him to pop into character and be Ang (the name of the Avatar/Airbender in the show). My little man is growing up!

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