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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas on the Farm

Out here we celebrate on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, and for several reasons. It is so much more relaxed, for one. We seem less rushed, though this year we were out for a bit, and it was kind of hectic getting things ready in time. I think next year I will do more food in advance, but I have to experiment with things to know they will be okay being reheated. Oyster stew and clam chowder were great the next day, so they are a go. We had both the Grams and Papa over, as well as select aunties and uncles. It was very nice, dinner with candlelight and us all opening gifts. Pony Gal still has to get used to understanding we do not buy into the materialism of the holiday here. Both babes got plenty of gifts, most of which I made, plus just a couple toys we knew would be especially appreciated and books. Though some family wasn't getting the message, we don't do Santa out here, either. Pony Gal and Super Boy know that he was a real person a long time ago, and now resides in heaven, but that he doesn't break into houses unwarranted to steal food and leave junk. Sorry-a little crass there-but I think this holiday gets taken so wrong. Simplicity and understanding that we celebrate from a Christian standpoint rule here. The origination may have been in paganism, but that does not mean we have to buy into it. We had a simple tree, simple, handmade decorations and lots of time together. That is what is important here on the farm. Good food, good family, and sweet time together.

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