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Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was searching to see if there were any outlines for natural parenting type bible studies out there, and stumbled upon this jerk. Whoa. First of all, he totally shows attachment parenting to be this irresponsible extreme, which it is not. Anyone who has spent time with an ap parent, can see that they discipline their children, I haven't seen any nursing 7 year olds, and we do not cater to every whim. We are still parents. Apparently this guy is in love with Cosby, who was sarcastic and not the best parent on the block. Entertaining, maybe. Unfortunately this man does not know how to do research, and is quick to draw conclusions. It is sad that this is not that different from a lot of what I have found as being a Christian parent, though. Most Christians seem to believe that we have to be strict and stern. My dad always said that God created children with a born sense of what they needed-the vitals, and that a good parent would be in tune with both the child and God, and thus be able to sense what needed to happen when. Child-led weaning from breastfeeding is one example. As a parent, we can often sense that the child might be hanging on for a reason other than the actual nursing, and can talk to them about it. If they aren't ready, they aren't ready. This man suggested that one should only nurse until the child is 6-12 months. Um,okay, here. The APA, which is low on the rung of professionals I listen to even suggests at least 12 months. The WHO suggests 2 years. There have been studies about the benefits even beyond that. It just bothers me that there is not a healthy representation of AP/Christian parents out there, and that men like this find it necessary to spread lies about what an attachment parent stands for. I think many more parents parent in this laid back style than realize. This leads to skewed percentages, and thus it perpetuates that something is simply a fad rather than an awakening to a better way of parenting. I am sure the jerk would have a hay day with the fact that so many of us locally are unschooling as well...

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