Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is Family?

With the advent of certain family members getting annoying again, I have once again been thinking about what real family is. I have to be honest, I consider more of my friends as family, and would be more likely to pull out all the stops to help them in a crisis than much of the blood relation (and unfortunately married) I have. I find that unfortunate, too. My siblings I get along with fine (for the most part), and I don't have any issue with the way they live their life and relate to me and my family. Some of my "married" family, though, are a different story. I am not someone who enjoys being angry and holding grudges. I believe in forgiveness. I do not believe in stupidity, though. I think that letting my family be exposed to the kind of people certain relatives are is just stupid. The way my dad kept us from certain relatives of his makes so much sense now, though as a kid I didn't fully understand. And, unfortunately, it was over much of the same nonsense-namely money. I believe more in a system of barter and forgiveness, others believe that whatever gets you the most money fastest is the best approach. I just get so frustrated with the fact that every few weeks some pitiful thing pops up that one person in particular decides to make a mountain out of and start the same issues up again. I try to take the high road and avoid the situation, but then they find it necessary to bring in unaffiliated parties, twist stories and leave me on the defense again, instead of just ignoring what should be ignored. Hmmm.
Family is such a fickle thing. I would do anything for those I love.


  1. "I do not believe in stupidity, though."

    Best. Quote. Of. The. Day.

    Love it! Lisa H.

  2. My in-law sibs have pretty much gotten themselves disowned. We cant be around negative and cruel people for any reason. Life is too short. Now that dh's folks are gone we tried to include his sibs in our life and it caused a lot of heartache (and money) on our part. It breaks our hearts, but it is what it is. Life will go on.

    A friend of mine tried to make things work with certain people in her family and it cost her a lot of pain too. We each just have to decide what is best for us.

    I never burn a bridge and I never hold a grudge, but in the case of my in-laws we have taken enough abuse. I hope your situation will never get to the point ours has.

  3. I can totally symphasize!! Only it is my parents in law. & they invite themselves to stay the weekend @ our house every other month. ACH!!!


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