Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Despite the fact that I agree that this is nothing more (any longer, no it didn't used to be) than a big ol' commercial holiday, I must say Mother's Day went pretty well. I wasn't having a good day for a big portion of it, though I had a good time, if that makes sense. I was still recovering from being emotionally beaten up by in laws all week, and it took a little excitement to get over. We ended up going to brunch at Coffeehouse Hollander, one of my favorite places to go. Its simple, but I love the food, the coffee and the people who own it are wonderful. My kids always feel welcomed, which is more than I can say about a lot of other places. They are also feeding into my new chicken program, which I will detail later after it gets rolling. After eating I told Andrew I might have to budget out the money to just have brunch there every Sunday, as it was my day off anyhow :) We then headed to Target, as he insisted on getting me something. That something ended up being a deep fryer. With the advent of the 5 minute artisan bread making my making his favorite tacos a cinch now, as well as things like donuts, and the portability of the thing, we decided to get an electric professional style deep fryer. It will be nice at home, but even nicer while camping (we are sissy campers), as I won't have to worry as much about the dumb out door cook stove that doesn't like me. I also ended up getting the kids new water bottles, as I noticed that the Thermos brand I like, and is easier to clean than Sigg, (it also has a straw, which I like for both the kids, rather than the twist top, which they tend to fumble with, and is insulated so drinks will stay hot or cold, and cost just a bit less than a Klean Kanteen) now has designs on the kid's thermos' so I got them each one-Liv a Hello Kitty and Asher the Dark Knight. They haven't drank out of anything else since. So, after that we headed to Thomas Mitchell Park to have a picnic lunch with my siblings and mom, which was very nice. I made several things, and the others brought a few things. After eating, and some frisbee playing we ended up playing softball for at least an hour, if not two. My family was always big into softball, and I think last weekend may be thebeginning of a regular gathering. My mom got me a weather radio, which was nice (I had gotten her one for her birthday in April). We already had one, but the thing has worked right for ages, so I was happy. Practicality is always nice. We finished out the day at home on the mowers, which may sound like work, but I enjoy mowing, and I enjoy a freshly mowed lawn, and we were doing it together, which always ends up more like Figure 8 racing (you should see the track lines on the lawn) than mowing.
So now we're to Tuesday, the house is trashed, I was gone all day yesterday with Harold, save a couple hours to get a few plants moved and replanted, and my allergies are awful, my girl is running a fever. The work of a mother is never done ;)

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  1. I just love reading your blog. You say it as it is!! Love that!


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