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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mystery Problem

I am not entirely sure what is up, but the last couple nights I have awoken with sever stomach cramping. In the middle of the night. The first time I thought I had eaten something funny, but then it happened again the next night. Nothing really helps. I get up and try to use the bathroom, but to no avail. What is worse is that it wakes Asher up, too, so I get even less sleep because I then have to nurse him back to sleep which always takes longer when it happens in the middle of the night. Now, today the cramping appeared after lunch, too. I have no clue. I know it isn't mentrual cramps. I can be pretty sure it isn't food since I have eaten all different things, from different places. I considered that maybe I was overdoing the coconut and had thrown my body into a detox, but that seems unlikely as I haven't really upped the amount I usually eat. I just don't know. I do have a nasty cold, but that hardly seems to make any sense. I guess if it doesn't let up soon, I will have to see someone about it, which gives me a whole different set of pains just thinking about...


  1. Is the pain enough to make you scream or want to cry? If so make sure to go to get examined soon. I let a mystery pain go untreated all last year until it almost killed me. I kept thinking it was terrible indigestion. It turned out to be my gall bladder. I hope your pain is an easy fix.

  2. Butter, homemade bread and gobstoppers make me feel better.

    I hope whatever it is goes away quickly!

  3. Since your kids have been not feeling well too, it makes me think that you might have what we had a few weeks ago. Lucy threw up for 7 days! The rest of us simply felt tired, nauseous or crampy. It was weird, because she was vomiting so much so I took her to the doctor 4 times which is more than I would even consider usually. But I was very concerned. Andy ended up testing positive for strep, and that's all they ever found. Weird, but now everyone's better except I still feel a crampy every now and then.

    Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!


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