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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thrifty Goodness

I, apparently, have not been thrift shopping too terribly intensely for awhile. Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day with my youngest sister, and she asked if we could hit a couple shops, because she needed jeans. We ran through the morning errands and then took off late morning. We visited four shops on the southside, and by that time the van was getting full, and our pockets were emptying. I was way excited, as I managed to find some seriously nice picture frames, as well as a very cute framed picture of an Amish boy and a calf in a barnwood frame. For 9.99, and I am sure it was closer to $100 or more originally. I spent way more than I planned on books for the kids, but holy cow, the Goodwill on the South side was loaded. I grabbed several really cute long shirt/tunic dresses for Liv, as well as future snowboots. I found jeans for me, too. Oddly enough, I had already made plans to go out Friday with a friend of mine, so I will be on the prowl again. But, since I know of about every thrift store in the greater Des Moines area, I will be hitting other ones. Oh, and I forgot, I picked up lots of blue and green t shirts to start working on crocheting a rug for the downstairs bedroom.

I spent last night cutting some of them into strips, and hope to pick up an extra large hook to start working on it soon. It will take a while to get enough t shirts,and if all goes well, I want ot make one in the right colorway for each of the rooms I am painting downstairs.

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