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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Plans are in Motion

I have spent the last couple nights working on the layout of this year's gardens. I am switching some stuff up a bit, and am not totally finished yet, though, the basic layout is set. I am going to try to use-for the most part-a biodynamic schedule for planting. I must get my hands (oh, and find the time to read them, then)on a few biodynamic books to get more info, as I have a little to get started with and have done some article reading already. I was also picqued on the subject after watching (finally) "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" over the weekend. What a zany guy! Nevertheless, he runs one of the largest and most successful CSA's in the country as well as a learning center. He started using biodynamic methods, and saw a great turn around in the health of his farm. I also used a lot of what was recommended as companion and non-companion planting in Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. Each year I put together what I want to do, and still end up doing a little last minute trading once I actually start planting. I hope to stick to the plan this year. I am also planting in long rows, east to west. In the past I have usually planted many shorter rows north to south, but am still playing with things to see what is going to work best with the land I have. Anyway,here is the layout so far-for you farming types out there, tell what you think. I will add more detail later as I put in the specific varieties-this is just the general plan.

Northern Most or Top Garden Plot:This will now be a permanent or perennial plot. The water run off is too great to till it up every year. I would lose too much soil, and am already going to be hauling in loads of compost to try and remedy some of the last couple year's damage. I just need to keep it planted-for the most part. You can see there are a few annual plantings that just do well when paired with some perennials, so I will till or hand process some areas. But for the most part, planted.

--Strawberries, transplant date is set for April 5-6. Will be interplanted with Spinach--

--Tomatoes, interplanted with Marigolds. To be transplantd May 2-4--

--Asparagus, interplanted with Parsley. To be transplanted and seeded in April 28-30) (I have a friend who is giving me his Asparagus plants, and also have seed to start, as well)


--Raspberries between Top and Middle Gardens. Transplanting April 5-6--

Middle Garden

--Peas seeded in with Caraway, April 5-6--

--Garden Huckleberries--

--Hot Peppers, May 2-3--

--Kohlrabi, April 7-10--

--Swiss Chard--

--Sweet Potato, June 14--

--Celeriac, April 7-10--

--Leeks, April 7-10--


--Parsnips, interplanted with radishes, April 7-10--


--Sweet Peppers, May 2-3--

--Okra, May 29-31--

--Eggplant, May 29-30--

--Lettuce, June 6-8 would be the first workable date, but this is just too late, so I will be ignoring the biodynamic recommendations here, as well as with any other leafy greens.--

--Peas, April 5-6--

--Cucumbers, May 2-4--

--Blackberries between gardens--

Southernmost, or Bottom Garden

--Pumpkin, May 29-31--

--Corn, May 29--30--

--Melons (May 29-31), interplanted with Salsify (April 7-10)--


--Winter Squash, May 29-30--

--Nasturtiums, May 26-27--

--Pole Beans, April 5-6, interplanted with carrots, APril 5-6--

--Bush Beans, April 5-6, interplanted with Beets, April 7-10--


--Summer Squash, May 29-31--

--Broccoli, April 28-30--

--Onion (Sets this year-I thought I had ordered seed, and had not)April 7-10--

--Cauliflower, April 28-30--

--Celery, April 5-6--

--Cabbage, June 5-6 is the recommended date, but this seems really late. So I will probably put it in with something near it--

--Dill, June 6-8--

--Potato, June 1-4--

--Marigolds, May 26-27--

But this is all preliminary. I tend to mix and match a lot, and as I get into specific varieties, I will tweak even more, adding and subtracting rows.

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