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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Very Uns-Cool of you...

(Okay, so that was a totally lame title, with the play on words, uncool/unschool...anyway)
I thought since it had been awhile since we had updated on how our education was going, I probably should. The most recent development is that Pony Gal has started journaling. I need to start as well, in order to have something to show our supervising teacher, but as Pony Gal gets older her journal alone could show what she's done. For right now this activity involves her drawing pictures of what she did that day, which I write notes by for later perusal. I think we are going to move over to me writing things on a piece of paper and her copying it from that just to get used to writing. She got to pick out a snazzy Tinkerbell notebook for the project and got new markers, too. Superboy also insisted on new supplies. He actually is getting very good with writing utensils.
Pony Gal has colors down pretty well, and last night Grandma B gave her a lesson in mixing colors, letting her paint with her. She did very well and now especially fond of green and purple as she now knows their origins.
The alphabet she can recite almost perfectly, and we are using time in the van and kind of an eye-spy game to work on sounds and objects starting with different letters. She can write her name and the word mom from memory. We also use the foam tub letters to play around with word sounds and read form several books and childrens magazines each day. She especially loves animals right now, so we have really been delving into Ranger Ricks I picked up free at the PVille library annual book giveaway.
Number-wise, she can count to 13, but she doesn't totally understand that there is always a certain order to them, so she can't just throw them around. If you stop her and make sure she knows she is supposed to use *standard* counting procedures, then she does them perfectly, and can recognize the numbers of a group of things on sight rather well. She is also starting to understand simple addition.
We are using movies and TV a lot for science, history that sort of thing, as well as books and mags. She loves helping me around the house (so long as it doesn't involve actually picking up her stuff), and is showing some understanding of color groups in the way she pairs outfits, shoes and accessories together when she gets dressed. Just full of questions, which only makes my job easier as we can delve into something if I know she is curious about it.
I love this!

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