Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Did I miss a memo in which you cannot use valet parking more than once a day at Mercy? I took Papa H in this morning, and he, as usual, is in no condition to be walking far, and the east tower lot was totally full, as usual, so I pulled up to valet so I could walk with him, and the three kids. The guy was nice enough then. When I showed up to get my vehicle after being upstairs just long enough to get Papa H settled into his evaluation, maybe 25 minutes, I came back down. And Mr Valet was kind of snarky, but I figured oh well, and took off to drop my charge for the day at preschool and go to my chiro appt. Papa H's test was supposed to take four hours, so I had plenty of time to waste, but then got a call that they were finished after less than two (not a good sign for him, mind you). So I headed back to get him, and once again there was no where to park, and I had to haul two kids in and Papa H back out. So I pulled back up to valet, where Mr Valet proceeded to lecture me on the apparent rules of valet parking, and how it wasn't a game, that there were only so many spaces and I couldn't just leave and come back whenever I wanted. Um, what? I would think that my leaving opened up spaces for others, rather then hanging out at the hospital the whole time when others could have been using that space. So I said whatever I will just go park in the ramp and walk over, to which he was oh, no, just you can't be coming back and forth and there are only so many spaces, and yadda, yadda. So, I left my van with him, and went inside for Papa H. It took very little time to get him, which I knew would only excite Mr Valet, so I came back down only to see he had not parked my car yet-no prob I needed it right away, but I am pretty sure I *really* made him angry with my next move. See, he had just left my keys sitting int he front seat of my unlocked van while he went to move another car. Okay, fine he had to get another car before he parked mine-I am totally okay with this, but,uh, leaving my unlocked van with the keys sitting in the front seat, unmonitored? Not okay. I proved just how dumb this move was as I proceeded to load the kids into their car seats and buckle Papa H in, then take off, all well before he even knew I was there. So I essentially stole my minivan back from Mr Rude Valet Man. And I will be calling the hospital to talk with a manager about the very poor service. If anyone needs valet, its Papa H, and reprimanding me for something out of my control, namely the length of Papa H's appointments, is just ridiculous. I am guessing the guy was just busy and didn't care to have to actually work. I have done similar things with the front lobby valet and they are always incredibly nice, even when I inform them I will only be about 15-20 minutes depending on what or who we are seeing for Papa H.  I was waiting to be pulled over for stealing a van while I was in town, because I am pretty sure as Mr Rude Valet Man noticed the minivan he left unprotected drive away he was trying to get the license plates. I really am a good person-and it is my van, but seriously!

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