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Friday, January 2, 2009

New furniture

When we lived in Colfax, our living room was an awkward shape and setup. The only thing we found that we liked in there was a sectional, so we purchased one not long after Liv was born. When we moved out here, the room was a very different shape and setup, and though the couch fit okay, it really only fit in one spot. That bugged me quite a bit, as I like changing things up at home rather regularly, as can be seen with the painting and such (and boy have I got some new ideas mulling around on those notes!). With our financial situation, though, we knew, as new as the couch was, that we were jist going to have to live with what we had until it got worn out.
Enter the in-laws. Tom and Gail decided that they were ready for new furniture in the family room. Gail orginally offered the furniture to Andrew's older sister, as their family has little money around to go updating furniture, but with a household of older boys, they have grown rather fond of their "recliners for all!" setup and decided not to take mom's offer. I was around at that point (yippee!) and asked if we could have them, and they were graciously given to us. We moved them in yesterday, and I. Love. It. I love that I could FINALLY rearranget the living room so I can sit by hubby when he is in his recliner. I think it is funny that I rather like the hand-me-down furniture more than the stuff we spent nearly a grand on three years ago. Granted, we are not getting rid of that stuff. There are plans to knock out part of a wall in the basement to make the family room down feel more like a room and the basement feel less like an apartment. It will work down there nicely, and dress the place up a bit. Sarah, we are still taking that hide-a-bed (once the weather permits). It will go in what is currently Harold's living room, and the futon that was in the basement family room will go in what is now Harold's bedroom. The "new" furniture is a floral print, which I am not thrilled with, but I think I may play with recovering them eventually.
In the meantime,the print has the same shade green as the living room, so it matches, and we throw our much loved quilts on everything anyway, so it all has that grandma's house feel, but grandma's house is cozy, and that is the feeling I try to go for.

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