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Friday, January 23, 2009

Farm excitement

The coming months are definitely some of my favorties here on the farm. I love all the planning that goes on right now, as well as the anticipation of seeds, birds and all arriving. This year adds the arrival of goats as well. I recently went over updating our property insurance with the agent (which, thank God, was not that much higher than what I suspected). I have been making plans about birds, and have found comrades in Heather and Sarah. I have also been considering other business ventures within the farm, possibly taking my aim away from the vegetables (but never completely) and towards other avenues involving more animals. We'll see. I always leave things up to God. I know I would make far more mistakes if I were not so patient in waiting to see what His direction for me is. I also know that ending the CSA was most certainly in our best interest. Even with Harold in the home, we are stll working for his affairs constantly, and Asher, holy cow. There's a job and a half.
Anyway,we are thinking of adding sheep and alpacas, as well as possibly rabbits, for a fiber venture, especially with more and more friends taking up spinning. Anything we do will be vvveeeerrrrryyyyy slowly so I can get a rhythm down. I don't like being otu a rhythm. Harold's health threw me off, as well as Asher's birth. I am getting it back right now, and hope I can maintain it and move on. I am hoping to begin starting my birds in the fall, so I can have them ready for slaughter earlier in the next year, thus taking advantage of more local meat processors instead of doing it myself or searching like crazy at the last minute.
I also am excited as I have changed some of the way I am doing my bookkeeping and may be looking into new software.
Just lots of new ideas floating around that I can't wait to explore and initiate!

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