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Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Time, and Food

I know, I tend to write on the same stuff over and over. I used to jot down notes when I thought of things I wanted to talk about, but things just never seem to slow down with Evil Knevil as a son...
Growing up, food and family were inextricably linked. I have found this to be both something I cherish and loathe. I love feeding those I love when they come to my house, and I feel loved when I visit others homes and they feed me. This has lead to us rather recently having set nights when we visit family for dinner; Wednesday with my mom, Thursday with Dad's, Friday night is our at home pizza making night and Saturdays with Papa H, at least every couple weeks. The kids get a heavy dose of grandparents, something that seems to lack a lot in today's society, and I get a break on the grocery bill. Plus, I love our family. There are is a sibling whom we really would rather not share airspace with, but we deal for everyone else's sake.
In the meantime, having started Live Healthy Iowa, and to really focus on weight loss, again, I have found that my tendency toward social eating is one of my major problems with weight gain, as well as my tendency toward tired eating. I have a still night nursing one year old, so my sleep gets interrupted, and with all that family time, I eat. Too much. And now, Dad has added bowling outings to our weekends, which is great for exercise (last weekend I had to bowl with Superboy on my back-that definitely adds a score lowering/calorie burning factor) but not so much for the diet unless we go to one certain alley with a great menu, but it has been busy as of late. And the other alleys, to compete, have great deals on certain weekends and and times.
I think in all I just need to get a better plan of action. I should probably get better at packing food to take with (even though outside food is banned at alleys, and the family might not be too terribly happy with me). I am determined to get the last 25 I have been battling since meeting Dad off. I know I can do it, I have lost more before, which is how I got to where I am. My mind and will power just aren't with it this time, as of yet. I think the stress from kids, Papa H and just plain life in general as of late has got me out of place. But I am getting there. And know both mothers will aid me-it will be a matter of going out places that will trip me up. I hate to waste a meal out on a salad, but I think I am going to have to, unless I get really good at ordering something and having part of it boxed right away.
So there is some rambling on Momma's inability to get a diet jump started and how it's all her family's fault...right;)

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