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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ham and Cheese Quesadillas

These were super easy to make and tasted great, especially with homemade ranch dressing or honey mustard.

Swiss cheese
Sliced ham
Shredded cabbage or coleslaw mix
Seasoned salt like lawry's or emeril's
whole wheat tortillas
nonstick cooking spray
sliced tomato
grated carrots

dipping sauces

Layer one tortilla with cheese, cabbage, ham, salt, tomato, carrots and cheese, then top with another torilla. (This is easiest to do in the already hot pan sprayed with cooking spray). Cook until crispy on one side, then flip (CAREFULLY!). Cook this until crispy. Put on plate, cut with pizza cutter and serve with sauces. You can also put these together then just put them in the oven on a baking stone until they are crispy on top.

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