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Monday, November 17, 2008

Breakfast At Tiffanys

That was the movie for the first (and most certainly not last) movie and wine night at my place. It as fun to sit around snack, talk and watch an oldy that so many people had never seen, but had most certainly heard of. I came away excited for the next one, despite the fact that Imust have had a touch of food poisoning (most likely from an early meal at Prairie Meadows with father in law). I ended up emptying all that food into the toilet later...not so fun. But I digress...I have thoughts on the next get together:
*I, the hostess, will not show up late to my own party;)
*I will have actual dinner available. I thought I would try just a very large array of snacks, but I am a meal girl. So, next time folks, there will be dinner!
*I read about a party idea in Food and Wine magazine that I really liked and think will attach to this. It is based on the Food Network show, Iron Chef, for those of you who have seen it. Basically I will pick out one food ingredient to be in the spotlight, most likely related to the movie or month we are in, and everyone must bring a dish that uses that ingredient. Just thought it would be a fun twist.
*I will email out earlier so you have plenty of time to plan, and will include the movie we are watching, the wine selection and the ingredient.
On the wine note, we had Tabor Home's Cranberry Twist-one of my favorites. I would like to maintain a focus on Iowa wines.
So, if for those of you who came,thanks and I hope to see you next month, and those who couldn't hope to see you as well!

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