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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To drive or not to drive

I broke the news to Harold today that his family (including me) thinks it would be in his best interest to not drive anymore. He is pretty much unable to see but the most obvious objects, has the reaction time of a rock and just all around scares me. He had asked me to move the lawn mower (placed behind his truck without the key intentionally) and I declined. I said that his sons really do not want him to drive, I also felt it was a good idea, and that I had pretty much given up my life in order to accommodate this anyhow, so where did he want to go? He wanted a shave and a haircut in Pleasantville. The rest of the day he has been pouty. He asked about what if there was a line at the barber, to which I said no prob (Pleasantville has Smokey Row coffeehouse, which I can totally inhabit for awhile) or if we were late to lunch with Andrew, which was not an issue. He also explained that he only goes 15-20 miles per hour and takes the back way which is mostly gravel. I explained there are maniacal kids on our road who dirt bike without helmets and as a mother, feel better that people with his medical conditions did not drive for my family’s safety. He pouted some more but I think he will be okay with it. We drive him just about everywhere anyway, but I honestly cannot believe the dot hadn’t already restricted his driving. People of a certain age, heck everyone, should be required to take a driving test at least once every ten years or so. There are too many morons on the road to let people just go in and make sure their hair is done right for a picture not to. Now, that may make some people mad, but driving is a privilege, not a right and if someday I lose that because I cannot safely uphold the rules of the road, so be it. Hopefully my grandkids love me enough to drive Miss Daisy around.

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  1. Yeah, I was pretty pissed the day they renewed my mom's license for her. The DOT woman helped my mom cheat on the vision test.

    OK, dumbasses. There's a REASON that the government wants to make sure people who are driving cars can SEE!!


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