Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Husband

It is so nice to be remembered and appreciated every once in a while. Anyone who has been around me lately (and I apologize for this) knows how grumpy and whiny I have been. I have been soo stressed. Overworked. Trying to deal with Harold and the farm, and still be the mom and wife I want to be has got me at my wit’s end. I know this to be particularly true, as when we were first married I developed a habit of cleaning and decluttering like a madwoman when I am mad or upset-I have totally cleaned out Harold’s office (with ulterior motives as he has a copy machine and gads of homeschool goodies that were locked away in unpacked boxes from the move, and bookshelves I can totally take over), am in the process of sorting and rearranging the family room in the basement, getting rid of toys and have a million ideas to put into place. If I were my friend Sarah, it would be called “nesting”-in my boat its just insanity. Not even temporary, I think. I am determined. Oh, there are other projects, as well. Its ironic because I am already insanely busy, and so I add things to do around the house. But back to the appreciated thing, last night my dear husband came home with flowers and sweets (though he admitted that he would have to help me with them because he knew I was diligently dieting). I almost cried. He is the only person (besides maybe friends who have to tire of my complaining) who sees how hard this is on me. I love you, hubs;)


  1. awwww.

    I'm a stress-cleaner, too. Not necessarily cleaning, but cleaning out. Organizing.

  2. Let's have a little stress-decluttering over here, please. Good for you--it's awsome that you are giving Harold probably the last best years of his life. Very selfless of you. Hugs.


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