Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sad day, peaceful day

I have finally come to the decision, for the best of the family, and quite frankly myself, that my csa must come to a sad end. I love what I do. I want to do it, but I think it will have to wait. Grandpa H's care is far too demanding, Pony Gal's schooling is far too important, and my family deserves all of me. I will still garden, just with a focus on us, and anything extra I may sell at the farmer's market,but part of our desire to move out here was to homestead, and this year has left us barely eating out of our own garden, which makes living out here just about pointless. So, I am shutting down sales on the farm. The farm itself will keep running, adding this, that and the other, but the business will end, at least for now. I think it may reopen later but in a different format, focusing more members doing the work themselves, learning and then taking that away with them rather than depending solely on myself for the bulk of the work. I must say I am sad, but, as selfish as it may seem, excited that I will get my family and self back. I can only give so much. Someday I may be able to start again, in the meantime building the soil and my education. So I will finish out the season and leave it at that until we know where God is leading us.

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  1. I haven't commented so far because I haven't known what to say. I'm glad that you're feeling "right" about your decision. I'm sad for me, lol.

    I also know how hard it is to take care of an adult, children, house, husband, and a business. I truly don't know what I would have done if my mom had lived. That sounds really bad, but it's true.

    Randy has asked several times this season why we don't go help at the farm...we really should. The good thing is that we still can, since you'll still be farming.

    And, um, I hope you're planning to still provide me with small tomatoes. I literally cannot eat ones from the store any more. I keep meaning to tell you that. And I don't even like tomatoes all that much.


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