Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Runnells Razzle Dazzle Days

Yesterday I ended up working at the Stork Affair with a close friend. I left Liv with Andrew, and since we really don’t get to spend enough time together, told him we could go to a concert he wanted to see. I don’t really like much country music, but that is what he listens to and Jason Brown, an artist who actually is from this area, was playing. He called, got the tickets (and also, as an aside, had a great daddy/daughter day with Liv garage saleing and playing at the little carnival at the park) and figured out where we would meet up after I brought Harold home from dialysis. We left to have dinner there at 5, and listened to the opening band. We were having a good time, until the error of the planning committee became painfully apparent as both I and the kids started getting cranky. Fireworks at 8, concert at 9. I may be a wuss, but 9 is too late to start. But, for Andrew, we stayed. I am pretty laid back with being able to sit through just about musical event. In high school, music was pretty much life. But not Jason Brown. First of all he didn’t seem too bad. But as he drank more and the evening continued, he got more and more vulgar. I just was not at all happy with his gyrations (I feel like an old lady talking about Elvis…) or some of the things he was saying on stage. And we stayed two hours, after which he finally played one of his radio songs, so we could leave (by Andrew’s standards), but in the process I lost my phone. I kind of hope I don’t find it, though our contract is up next month so I was getting a new one, either way. In the end, no more Jason Brown concerts. And wife will be searching out someone she likes here soon and requiring at least two hours (though the evening total came to 6) of hubby time in attendance. Oh, and my allergies were sooooo bad. Not exactly a great night, but I tried for his sake.

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