Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 8, 2008

Day one

Today is the first day of my life as Nurse Abby. So far, pretty good. Papa H has been a good sport as I am constantly giving directions on how to take his new insulin, and as I try repeatedly to get the little sticker thingy to work to read his blood glucose. I actually thought of becoming a nurse (one of my many incarnations in my head), but decided (rather smartly) that I just didn't do vomit or poo very well. Still don't, unless it's my kids. (OT-sorry about the awful grammar and typos in the previous post-I was rushed and wasn't able to spell check). Anyway, I think we can swing this. I just am not able to make it to do as many things. I am going to try to make it to the diaper crowd sale in September, but other than that, will probably be home unless it is during Papa H's dialysis so I can be on hand for meds and blood checks. Apparently certain family is also convinced all of Papa H's current problems are my fault. Nice. I asked Papa H what he thought and he refuted it to the point that we are changing his power of attorney for both health and general to Dad and I. That will definitely make my job easier. It is causing a bit of a ruckus among the brothers, but  my sister in law and I talked this morning and decided that her husband is overreacting. It shouldn't come to a feud, but he is so worried that his inheritance is flying out the window that he is getting just a little hostile.

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  1. Oh,I figured something came up with Harold. I was going to call, but didn't have my phone with me and by the time I thought of it again, decided to just leave you alone about it. either it'll keep or it won't. It's not so much that we forgot to pick up veggies - I actually just forgot it was Thursday. We also blew off dentist appts on Friday, because I forgot it was Friday. I did remember LLL, though, amazingly enough.

    Want us to come out some time this week to play and give you something to look at other than your house and Harold?

    I'm sooo glad that the Power of Attorney is being switched - really, that'll make things so much easier/less to worry about. Also, speaking from experience, make sure you get his wishes regarding his future care written down. We got a GREAT form from the hospital that walks you through nearly every scenario and what you want to happen. Good for avoiding issues with family.

    Does his will talk about what happens with the house? That would clarify things for the BIL, too. It's too bad you have to deal with that conflict on top of everything else - even though my sister couldn't physically help with my mom, at least she was able to be emotionally supportive.

    LMK if I can help at all. I've got experience taking blood sugar, though I'm rusty on knowledge of how much insulin to give for various levels. My mom had a pump, which she never let anyone touch.


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