Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So this was a big weekend for Superboy. No longer can I feel safe leaving inside for a few minutes by himself. He learned how to pull himself up to standing this weekend.

All I can say is, oh, no.

Way too soon. Pony Gal didn't start this business until much later. He is doing it constantly. He sees an obstacle and goes after the conquer. Might I say he only just figured out how to sit on his own. Barely. And now he wants to be up all the time. But he hasn't figured out that he can't stand without holding onto something, so then he falls. Or, and I have to keep myself from laughing when I come to the rescue, he gets halfway up, figures out his legs are too far back, but won't let go of the object he is climbing up, and gets stuck. I am laughing just thinking about it. He gets sooo upset when it happens, too.

Other things that happened on our little weekend excursion (our first in the new camper):

*He likes to eat popcorn. Doesn't like baby food. Spits it out. Popcorn (I have eaten the kernel out of)=good. I bought some puffed rice, and it works just as well. He likes it. So we are up to pickles, thawed frozen sweet peas and popcorn/puffed rice. Not the normal progression of food for an infant, for sure.

*He discovered splashing in the tub. Very funny. Splash, splash splash (big splashes at that) then bbbbbthhhthththphrhhgh (this is him not happy because the splashes are now all over his face and he needs to regain composure). Then, splash, splash, splash, bbbththhthhthrrhbbbbhtp-you get the point.

*No more army crawl all the time. We are upright. Then we are army crawling again. But he can do it the "normal way".

*And, he tries to take the stairs. There is a single step in the camper. He crawled up that thing I don't know how many times. Moving too fast....

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