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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fresh Dirt

I was almost in tears as I watched dh till the lower garden spot last night. I love the smell of clean, freshly tilled dirt. I have waited to really get into planting so long this year. The wet would have been great had it given me a week or two of dry so we could get things planted, but it has been difficult. We went ahead and gave the tiller a try last night, and it went pretty well. The top part of the lowest garden was still a little wetter than I would have liked, but for the most part it didn't look bad. It is kind of funny that the lowest garden was the driest. I am still trying to figure that one out.
So in general, it finally feels like spring at our place. We recently separated the roosters from the hens, resulting in crabby roosters and happy hens. Their poor backs are naked from too many men in the house. They will be going to the butcher soon, while the girls have kicked up their laying some, most likely from happiness. We kept the one male and three female ducks in with the gals. How does this feel like spring? Well, everyone, save the roosters, gets to wander about the very green yard, eating grass and bugs and rolling in the dirt.
The chickies continue to grow and feather out. I will be building some sort of chicken tractor here very soon so they can be outside some once the days get just a little warmer. I am hoping with the roosters separate, transitioning in new chicks will be easier.
The plum trees have beautiful buds on them-loaded actually. I did a lot of pruning due to some pretty serious below the graft issues. Everyone looks okay now,though. This week will entail a lot of spring veggie planting and moving a lot of herbs outside, as well as getting mulch all over the yard, and putting in more perennials.
Speaking of perennials, the rhubarb and raspberries looks happy. One rhubarb has a flower coming up. I haven't ever had them do that.
We went to the farmer's market in the town to the east last week. It was cold. We sold some eggs and cookies, but that was about it. I think once it warms up, though, it will be a great venture. And I have enjoyed getting to know more of the ladies around the area, some closer to my age in particular (most of the fm ladies could be my grandmother...).
DH and I did some major cleaning and landscaping last weekend, and will be curb shopping/urban mining this. I love this time of year, albeit this year is far cooler than usual.
So excited, and I will keep posted, hopefully adding pictures soon!

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