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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 to do

This is the family 2008 To Do....maybe I will be able to remember what I was thinking when the New Year rang in....
In no particular order:
*Touch up paint from drywall repairs in pretty much ALL rooms *Done
*Paint dining room, hallway and spare bedroom *Dining room and hallway done
*Storm door for side entrance
*Curtain for patio door *Done
*Curtains for Superboy's room *Done
*Shelves in kitchen closet
*Save $ for new countertops as the cheapy's are popping
*Handles for ALL the cupboards in the house *kitchen started, downstairs purchased
*Garden planning *done
*Plant more trees. We have few trees. I like trees. Darn those trees. *done
*Finish mulching around existing trees so we can see where they are when mowing.
*Stain front and back decks
*Install electric in chicken coop for lights and heat
*Grass seed over all the bare spots-AGAIN *done
*Plant herb garden(s)

I am sure there is more. I think of stuff all the time. New house, shmew house. They all need work. It never fails, and the newness never lasts long. Is it wrong to walk through our year old house and dream about changing this and that? So, there are legitimate reasons, as many "options" we got were the best we could afford at the time, but we knew we would be saving up to do better later, like solid surface counter tops and hardwood floors. It is just frustrating to see so much of this pretty new stuff already breaking.


  1. Mama Podkayne said...

    About how many cabinet handles do you need? We got free one when we did our kitchen install and never used them. They are white porcelain.

  2. Wheelchair Mama said...

    Ahem--hardwood floors, I concur. Like laminate, or the real stuff? Wood floors will get rid of that jump down from the front door threshold--good for everyone involved! Are we starting 2-4 age soon? I thought January.

  3. sarah said...

    LOL, as an old house dweller, I will admit to some level of comfort when something falls apart. Generally, we can say "well, the thing's nearly 100 years old" and it's not quite as painful that way. Oddly, though, it's usually the newer stuff that has problems.


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