Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 22, 2007

VBAC Standoff Update

So, today was my "next" prenatal visit. And I didn't go. And it felt good. It was taking almost a whole day after an ob visit for my blood pressure (and sanity) to return to normal. It just wasn't fair. Every time I went in, it was a battle. Arguments would ensue over scheduling a c-section. On Thursday, after being sent to the hospital for testing that would show, once again, everything was fine, and being told point blank I never should have made it this far without having scheduled a surgery, and I would be made to do so at Monday's visit, Dad and I decided I would not be returning to any more pre-nates. It has just gotten to be a battle of us versus the doctors, which is ridiculous. So what did I do today? I just didn't go. I didn't even call in. I figured if they were concerned, they could call me. I know some offices charge you for missed appointments that aren't rescheduled, but the cost, if my office has one, is worth it for peace of mind. Instead, I took a nice, long, as hot as is safe at this juncture, bath. Then Pony Gal and I got groceries, to get in a little walking for gravity and such. Then we had lunch with Dad. Because I can. Now, back at home, I was back on the couch, because I want to stay healthy, but my bp rose LESS by my being gone longer doing something enjoyable than it does on days I have ob visits for a couple hours. I just plan on seeing them in the hospital. And, unless a serious emergency shows up, I am ready to kick them out if necessary. I am sure we can find someone to catch a flying infant, even if it's a nurse (who I often believe know more than the drs up there) or Dad. And you know what they can do about it. Nothing. And, darnit, coming to that realization and just knowing that it is what we are being put in the position to have to do feels good, not because I enjoy a good fight (which anyone who knows me, knows is true, especially for things I am passionate about) BUT because it means we understand we control the future of my health and our baby's, not some pretty much stranger. As I keep informing anyone who asks how all this works: I pay for their services, not vice versa, so I MAKE THE DECISIONS!!!! So, we'll keep ya posted on how things are going at home. I am due next Monday so we will see!


  1. Sarah said...

    You go, girl! You are hiring THEM, you're paying THEM. That means they do what you want.

    Yay for you.

  2. Lisa H. said...

    Yay! I'm glad you're doing so well & feeling healthy! Talk to you soon - Lisa H.

  3. Mama Podkayne said...

    You can't just post that and then nothing for days! We who know you through blogosphere are on pins and needles worrying about you!


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