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Monday, October 22, 2007

King Sized

In most things I do in life, I avoid king sized anything. Especially food. But, in loving co-sleeping and just barely being able to fit Pony Gal in with Dad and I, and having Number Two on the way, we found we probably needed a bigger bed. At this point in the pregnancy I had been waiting until Pony Gal fell asleep then moving her to a sleeping bag beside our bed because there just wasn't enough room. My mom had bought a king size bed for a spare bedroom at her house about a year ago, but was finding it was too big. So, since neither set was too old, we decided to switch. What a difference! Now, without kids in it, it would be too big. I like to fling my legs over the side and still be able to roll over and cuddle from time to time through the night; very difficult with a king and only two not-exactly-huge people. With Pony Gal there, and soon a breastfeeding baby, though, it will be just about perfect. One of these days Pony Gal will move to her own bed-but with neither her (or mommy for that matter) showing much interest in that anytime soon, this is wonderful!

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  1. Sarah said...

    Our King is so nice. Agreed, too big without kids. We bought ours when I was PG and we really pretty much stopped cuddling much at night, which was too bad, but we were both all sprawled out on our own sides of the bed.


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