Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 8, 2007

Adventures in Bedrest

So I posted how much I dislike others working around me. Last night Dad finally figured out I was pretty frustrated, and as it turned out, he was also, as all the help we had gotten just wasn't eliminating the mess. In fact, it was making it worse. The dishes would get half done. There was stuff all over the counter. It was just hard to do anything. So, he took over. He totally cleaned everything up (with the exception of the dishes). And I can relax so much easier now that I know things are where they should be. He made dinner last night, too-hot pockets and totino's pizza rolls, lol. He tried, though. I think I may have to send out for some frozen dinners that he can make. I am sure they will be handy even after I am up with the baby as I am sure there will be days I don't feel like cooking. I looked as Schwans, something we used a little when we were first married, but I was never impressed with their food or their prices. I was cooking things to put in the freezer before I was put down, but didn't get very far. I may have to step by step him through a couple things from the couch. He did make omelets on Saturday morning. And he can do pancakes, and cheese crispies. He just never learned to make too terribly much. I guess we will have to try to change that. But, anyway, he finally figured out he is going to have to step up a little if we are all not going to go crazy waiting for this baby to come. He did ask me how I ever manage to gain weight when meal times are so busy-plan, cook, serve, clean-when do I eat. I told him if he paid attention he would see that I take a few bites and jump up, and I snack all day so I am not famished when dinner comes around. It was nice to have him acknowledge that I WORK. So many times he comes home and just expects me to cater to him like I shouldn't be tired also. He was exhausted last night once he was done. And admitted that I do, in fact, have a difficult job. Thank you!

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