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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bedrest Burnout

Tired of hearing about bedrest? Try being on it. I have been doing pretty well, I think, thus far. But yesterday I had a bit of a meltdown. I am just getting worn out as far as being alone all day, and Pony Gal has been sassy, and I just feel pretty useless. I know other women have been down longer than I have (I am starting my third week now) but I am a do-er. It goes against everything I am used to to be down all day. We did sneak out for breakfast yesterday, but otherwise I have been trying to be down. I have taken my crocheting back up. I will need to restock yarn at my next outing. I made hats for the baby, Pony Gal and my husband, and am thinking if this lasts too much longer, I will be making hats for everyone for Christmas. Actually not a bad idea. I also made a a few wool diaper covers for the baby, but need more yarn before I do too much else. My appointment today was frustrating as well. The dr. I saw today was a total jerk. He was pretty obvious in his disbelief that my pressure was staying down at home on bedrest. He made it very clear that I should call in if anything changes. Um, see dr. doofus, I have before, have I not? Why would that change now? Honestly. I must look like a dingaling or something. Then the nurse had already asked me to undress my bottom half and put on the ever flattering pink napkin for a vaginal exam, and he actually asked me if I wanted one after all that. Uh, well, I am already pretty exposed, why turn back now? Not to mention (though I would not say it to him as he was in battle mode) I am going crazy on bedrest so I wanted to know if ANYTHING was happening. As it turns out I am dilated 2 cm. I know this means very little, but it is more than the last time they checked. At least something is happening. My mucous plug seems to be slowly disintegrating. That always grosses my husband out when I discuss it. So, back to dr. doofus. He then went on to ask how important a vbac was to me.
"Well, lets see, of the utmost or I wouldn't even attempt it." Duh.
Well, why is it important.
"We don't know yet how many kids we want and I really don't want three or more major surgeries under my belt if we go further. "
Well, three surgeries aren't that bad.
"Well, I took the first c section very poorly, and know if I don't attempt to do things differently this time, it may be the same, and I really don't want the difficult recovery as I now have a three year old to chase around. "
Oh, the second csec is easier and shorter for recovery.
Grrrr. Whatever.
He finally figured out I was not about to budge. Well, then if ANY protein shows up in your urine (which it hasn't) then your plans are going to have to change.
Uh, huh.
He just can't believe that someone can have only pregnancy induced hypertension. It has to develop into preeclampsia. Wrong. I wish I would have bookmarked the article I read by a midwife who had several studies and her own experience with the fact that pih can be wholly separate from pre-e and is actually not that big a deal if dealt with appropriately-namely not badgering your patients! I will be making a request to NOT see this dr again. There are too many others in the office to deal with such a jerk. And, I am not even sure he is a delivering one. Just happened to be who I got to see. So, anyway, things remain mostly the same. I may have to add a little more up time (so long as I keep it short enough my pressure doesn't rise too much) to try and walk baby boy out a little more...


  1. Mama Podkayne said...

    I want his name so I can avoid him too!

  2. Wheelchair Mama said...

    Oh, don't you love negative people when all you need is support? Let me know if there is anything I can do. I'm thinking coming over would probably raise your bp...I can just see me getting stuck in your door. LOL


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