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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thrift Finds

I have always meant to post more of our fun thrift finds. I haven't made it to the thrift store much as of late, as we were pretty tight waiting for our house refinance to finalize. It did just that this month, and is a total blessing. We finally have a little fun money each month, which means I can get back to some much anticipated home projects. Yesterday, everyone but Pony Gal headed to a Salvation Army near where she takes violin lessons. We were able to find these chairs for our bar area, replacing the bland stools we have had since we moved in. Though bland, we can totally use them elsewhere.

I also picked up another mug from a Minnesota company I love.

We found a placemat to match ones we already own.

I have needed picture frames, so grabbed some after digging through their huge pile, for about 40 cents a piece.

And, a cute skirt for a friend (whenever I see you next, Sarah), and another for me.

Total trip cost-$24.

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  1. Super Fun Finds!! I need to get better about taking time in the thrift stores!


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