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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloody Run Camping and Fishing

We took off for another weekend camping trip a couple weekends ago. We decided to just take the truck and the small tent, since we'd only be up there a couple days. We set up in the dark at 10 pm at Bloody Run's campground. They had stocked the stream just a couple days before, so the fishing was excellent. Lures were the choice to fish with this time around. Different seasons, different approaches.
(All these are photos from my phone-wanted to keep things light since there is a lot of hiking involved with trout fishing and I already had my pole and Lovely G on my back)
This shot is from the top of a bluff at Yellow River State Park. This is a shot in Iowa-comparable in beauty and magnitude to some of the views we had in Utah. I love the diversity of this state.
This park has a lot of trails, many equestrian, many foot hiking. These views are right on the edge of cliffs. 
We grabbed some cheese curds and Pepsi old school recipe in bottles at the same gas station we always refill and grab snacks in. Lovely G likes cheese curds.
We fished Bloody Run most of the trip, but on the way home stopped at Grannis. It has some paving for handicapped access, where the kids and I played while Dad hiked in to better holes to fish a bit. It is so pretty out there.
Bryozoans, we think. Single celled blobs commonly found in freshwater. The kids thought they were pretty cool.
Babywearing daddy for the win.
The spring that feeds Grannis, coming out of the side of the bluff. It is prettier in person, or most likely with a better camera.
Part of the reason the DNR is able to make trout fishing happen in Iowa is due to the beauty, coolness, and clarity of the streams in this part of the state that the ancient glaciers that flattened much of the state missed. My phone doesn't have quite the focusing capability, but you can see one of the trout in the upper right corner there.
And home again, about 9:30 p.m. Sunday. G loves her puppies.

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