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Monday, August 20, 2012

School Week of August 13-17, 2012

Monday: We read pages 13-19 in our Pre-Columbian America book, about early Native American hunting. Pony Gal worked on addition and subtraction on the Sheppard's Software site, as well.

Tuesday: We started on our Creation unit for Bible studies. We read together the Creation story and colored the front of our Creation lapbooks, which portrayed and emphasized the fact that God created us all, no matter who we are, what we look like, or what we believe.
Pony Gal reviewed Lesson 2 and read Lesson 3 in the McGuffey's Eclectic Primer. Making a note to watch for a cheap copy on Amazon to add to our easy readers collection. The one we are using is from the library, as I didn't want to buy one until I knew whether I liked the way they progressed or not.
We went over story problems in math, using the Singapore books, and both addition and subtraction. She did super well with this, so we skipped some of the drills since she has a good handle on it. I actually think she better understands problems in these terms. Pony Gal also did some more general subtraction and addition practice on Sheppard's Software.
We read more of Dinos before Dark, and some extra library books.

Wednesday: It was super nice, so we did our school work after lunch-we usually try to get it in just after breakfast in the morning. The kids wanted to play, though, so switched things up a bit.
Pony Gal read Lesson 3about Ann and Nat in the McGuffey's Primer. We worked on memorizing "the" as it seems to trip her up, and the letter "n". She can read rather well, but those two things make her cringe. I had her run around chanting them to try to add some movement to the session. It didn't do much more than make her giggle, but she enjoyed herself, anyway :)
We read pages 19-23 about Native American farming in our Pre-Columbian America book.
We read another chapter in Magic Tree House Dinos Before Dark and made dinosaur fossils using plaster of paris.

We also worked more on the story of Creation, playing a matching game about what was made on which day. Pony Gal remembered pretty well, and enjoyed the game. Mom enjoyed coloring, cutting, laminating and trimming the parts to the game :)

Thurday: Is our day off, as we will have art starting in September.

Friday: We had some plans for history, reading, and math BUT got an awesome offer to pick bushels of grapes for FREE, and wasn't about to pass up the chance for grape juice all winter long, so we did that instead. Mondays are light days, for right now, so we will make it up then.

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