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Monday, August 13, 2012

School, Week Number 1-August 6-10, 2012

We started school last week. No, really. I love the idea of taking the whole month of December off, and wanted plenty of sluff room as we needed to help out friends and family as it may appear necessary. I am working with Pony Gal on reading, arithmetic, US and World History, science, Bible, and etiquette/manners, plus she takes lessons in violin (we do work on that at home, as well, and will start to study music the second semester, I think), horse riding, and art. Superboy will be doing what he shows interest in, for now, plus I set him up with learning games and his guided reading program on my computer while I work with Pony Gal at the table on her work.
Our weeks should look like this:

Saturday and Sunday-off. Dad is home! In fact, anytime Dad is home, we do not do schoolwork. They only get to see him a few hours each evening, so it is important his time with them is not diminished.

Monday-Online reading program (Headsprout) and math (Khan Academy or Sheppard Software, just drills on what we covered the week before), because Monday is catch up from the weekend day, and we have EPH on certain Mondays, our weekly library visit, and violin lessons.

Tuesday-Reading (using the books we got with the Headsprout program, McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, and some random gathered little books from various reading programs), I read aloud from one of the books suggested on our assorted suggested reading lists, many Charlotte Mason based, math from the Singapore Math workbooks, History using various books we've purchased or borrow from the library, A chapter from a Magic Tree House book-which also influences our world history studies at the time, science-per a Charlotte Mason suggested curriculum guideline, and Bible using a couple different books to cover it both as as devotional and from a historical standpoint.

Wednesday-the same as Tuesday, but add in Etiquette.

Thursday-The kids will have art, soon, so this is our art class/field trip day and I plan on nothing else getting accomplished. It is a nice reprieve from working the previous two days rather intently.

Friday-Reading, Math, History, Bible and any run over/fun projects from earlier in the week. I can also stick lapbooks about subjects the kids want to learn about  which don't fit in elsewhere in here. Like Superboy's current fascination with cicadas after finding a few shed exoskeletons.

So, all that leads to what we did our first week:

Monday- Reading: Headsprout reading lesson 45
                 Math: Addition drills on Sheppard Software
                 EPH luncheon, Library time, Violin lesson.

Tuesday-Bible: still waiting on materials (and this and this) to show up, so skipping for now
               Reading: Lessons 1&2 McGuffey's Primer (review for her, but reviewing repeatedly works                  best for her)
              Math: Singapore Math: Addition and Subtraction practice, numbers through 10
              Science: Read together Monster Bones: The Story of A Dinosaur Fossil by Jacqui Bailey                    Matthew Lilly

Wednesday-Reading: McGuffey's 1 & 2 review
                    Math: Singapore subtraction and addition review
                   US History: Read together pages 6-11 of How?d They Do That? : Pre-Columbian                                 America by Marylou Morano Kjelle; Made Native American corn cakes (which the kids                      loved. May have to go in the regular rotation)
                    Science: Read Chap 5 of MTH Dinos Before Dark (we started this one a few weeks ago                      and left it hanging, so using it in our dino studies for now.)

Thursday-No art class yet, so picked elderberries with friends
                  Watched Busasaurus on Magic School Bus TV (youtube) to supplement our dino studies
Friday-Reading & Math-Sheppard's Software; McGuffey's Reader
             US History-Pg 13-19 Pre Columbian America

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