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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iowa State Fair

Since we have a big weekend next weekend with Pony Gal's birthday party, we stuffed a whole lot into this last weekend. We had gotten free tickets to the Iowa State Fair from Dad's boss, so even after being out late Saturday night at the races, headed out after breakfast to the fair Sunday. We did our usual park and ride, and had a perfect day for "fair-ing". Overcast, cool. Lovely. We were only there a couple hours, as our main attraction, especially with the kids along, is to people watch and eat. We looked at some animals and tractors, but were content to stay for just a bit. I think it was one of our best fair visits yet.
Crescentis! Dad always gets the capacola, I get mine with cream cheese and honey, Pony Gal had hers with ham, and Superboy went with the very simple butter.
Pony Gal's comment here? "Wow, that's gonna make a lot of pies!"
It really wasn't too crowded, which was nice.
Honey lemonade, honey sticks, HONEY!
And Superboy insisted on some good old fashioned cotton candy. We went kind of wild with the carnival food, eating funnel cake and corn dogs, too.

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