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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nate's Wedding

It has been an odd year, full of reconnecting with folks that made a huge impact on our lives when Dad and I first met. Life got busy, as it always does, and we lost touch. We were lucky enough to be invited to one of those old friend's weddings this past April, Nate. Nate and Dad were friends through high school, attended the church that Dad and I met at, and Nate ended up being a groomsman in our wedding. He played that role well, complete with giving a nice, embarassing speech at the dinner following the ceremony. Dad wasn't able to return that favor at the wedding, but we did enjoy the ceremony and dinner, despite the crazy weather that was raging outside. We couldn't stay as long as we would have liked at the supper, as kids get tired (who knew?), but count ourselves blessed for being able to attend the union of such a beautiful, Christian couple.

I have a thing for taking pictures of my kids in the car. Maybe it has to do with them sitting still because they are strapped in. Maybe it is because I am waiting for Dad. I don't know. But I do, and I did.
I loved this stained glass. I love stain glass, in general, but shot with the focus on the glass, so pretty.
The kids did pretty well during the ceremony. In fact, most the disturbances were more to blame on certain others who were instigating, rather than them, and Lovely G needing to eat, which took us out the lobby. It worked out well, because I was able to get better photos of the ceremony from there.

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