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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday with Friends

I have been horrible here lately with posting on the blog...facebook is just so much easier that I often don't make time here. We'll see how I do. I will admit that part of the issue is that we hated our internet service and ended up cancelling it. Because we really didn't have many other options, we ended up using our phones, which has worked great, but I have been trying to be conservative with the use until I know we are not using too much. So far, we're good, so hopefully the posting will begin again!

These are shots from a birthday party for some dear friends of ours' son. I have known the Kings since before Dad and I were married. I remember hanging with C. and chatting about just about everything a couple days a week while I was in college. Life got crazy for awhile, and we kind of parted ways for a bit, but have since reconnected and are loving it. The kids had a great time at the party, as did Dad and I, and J's decision to have a Devil pinata has since inspired Pony Gal to do the same. Looks like I have some pinata making come August.

I love this blanket. It is a simple, crocheted afghan of the American flag that Dad's grandmother crocheted years and years ago. It has now become our Whiskey Wagon blanket (or the blanket I keep in the 'Burban for picnics and emergencies) and gets lots of use. My sweet girls are always happy to see it come out.
Superboy is always super happy at playgrounds. He is sporting his newest Ben 10 watch, purchased the day before at a garage sale. He was especially happy at this birthday party with all the other boys to play with.
The devil pinata, inspiration for Pony Gal's pinata she hopes her mama will make her for her birthday. Such a cool idea for an pinata, because who most deserves to be beaten by sticks, really?
Birthday boy!

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