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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tiger Unit Study

Our unit on tigers is complete-it didn't take nearly as long as I thought. We read through four different books from the library, stopping to use the information we were getting to answer the different questions in our lapbooks. These were what we ended up with in the books (we used homeschoolshare.com for the lapbook activities):
This is Superboy's book. Pony Gal did do a few of the activities, though we were all working together so everyone was exposed to the same information, though the activities were geared to their different levels.
The top activity is to work with letters-the letter T for tiger, the next is a look at the importance of the tiger's anatomy and the bottom is about where tigers are located. The right side contained a matching game of various big cats.
This was Pony Gal's book.

Opened here you see one of her vocabulary words-quadraped with the definition written in it, a circle that she drew and copied the words explaining different things a tiger eats and a matchbook containing the average length of a tiger fang.
Open here is the little book on a tiger's habitat and a flip book containing the different still-existing tiger species.
This is the right side of the book, with more vocabulary words and questions that she had to answer as we did our "research." Since she still isn't spelling much yet, she gave me a verbal answer to the question (this one was about why tigers have padded feet), then I wrote down what she said and she copied it to gain some more writing time.
These were the tiger paw cookies we made-they didn't even have a chance to get stripes on them before the kids devoured them.

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