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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cheetah Unit

The kids are obsessed with animals right now. We will be taking a break from them for a little while to study Chinese New Year and some basics like letters, then will head back. This is our cheetah lapbook and craft we used in our cheetah studies last week.
Toilet paper roll cheetahs
Superboy's book
We worked more on writing skills for Superboy than anything else this time around.
He did glue and color Africa for the cheetah home section.
Pony Gal's book
A booklet on cheetahs as pets in history
Forgot to rotate this one...booklets on cheetah speed, the origin of the name cheetah, and communication
Booklets on the status of the cheetahs and cheetah family dynamics
New vocabulary words. She already knew most of these, with the exception of diurnal and vocalizations
Lovely G's spot while I briefly needed my hands

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  1. I'm glad lapbooks are working for you. It looks like the kids like them too!


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